The thought of going to jail is scary; the fact of going is worse. The accompanying embarrassment hangs like a cloud over your head, and perhaps over your family.  You need to recognize at the outset that the criminal accusation represents the authority of State against you, and the outcomes vary from a dismissal, community service,  a monetary fine, a period of probation, or a period of incarceration.  Perhaps the allegations against you are baseless or exaggerated or maybe you made an unfortunate misjudgment.  It is my role as your attorney to present the best defense on your behalf, either by negotiating the best agreement with a prosecutor, or presenting a compelling defense to a judge or jury.  I will work to ensure you come out of the experience with the least amount of damage and your self-confidence intact.  “We are all more than the worst things we have done in our lives.”  Desmond and Mpho Tutu.